Eric Hoover, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and HTL Lab Director

Dr. Hoover joined the faculty of the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences at the University of Maryland in August 2018. He received his Ph.D. in communication sciences and disorders from Northwestern University with adviser Pamela Souza, Ph.D. CCC-A, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of South Florida with advisers David Eddins, Ph.D. CCC-A and Ann Eddins, Ph.D., MBA. The goal of his research is to remove barriers to communication by applying our understanding of how the auditory system represents complex acoustic environments to the treatment of hearing loss.

Current Graduate Students

Katie Menon

Ph.D. Candidate

Katherine (Palandrani) Menon earned her B.S. in speech-language pathology and audiology from Northeastern University in Boston, MA in 2016. She enrolled in the Au.D. program at the University of South Florida, and after working as a research assistant in the Auditory and Speech Sciences Laboratory with Drs. David and Ann Eddins, she decided to pursue research full time. Katie began a Ph.D. program at the University of Maryland with adviser Dr. Eric Hoover in fall 2019. Her research interests include evaluating and developing solutions for untreated hearing loss, and the translation of laboratory tests into clinical tools to improve diagnostics, treatment, and outcomes.

Rebecca Lloyd

Au.D. student

Rebecca Lloyd earned her A.A. in general studies from the Community College of Baltimore County in May 2014. She graduated magna cum laude from Towson University with a B.S. in Deaf Studies in May 2017. In 2017, she was a residential life counselor at Maryland School for the Deaf in Columbia. She completed post baccalaureate classes at the University of Maryland in hearing and speech sciences. In fall 2022, she began the clinical audiology graduate program at UMD. She works part-time as a graduate assistant in Dr. Hoover's lab.


Marjan Davoodian, Au.D. student (2025)

Michelle Hoon-Starr, Au.D. student (2023)

Kathryn DuBois, Au.D.

Rachel Moldenhauer, Au.D.


Dr. Katie Shilton, Ph.D.

Dr. Frederick "Erick" Gallun, Ph.D. 

Dr. Aaron Seitz, Ph.D. 

Dr. David Eddins, Ph.D., CCC-A

Dr. Erol Ozmeral, Ph.D.